Authors Spoke to City Bar Matrimonial Law Committee

A handful of authors presented before the Association of the Bar for the City of New York’s Matrimonial Law Committee last month about the book.  Pictured above (left to right):  Diane Spear (wrote on psychotherapy), Kimberly Mishkin from SAS For Women (co-authored a chapter on using divorce coaches), Bonnie Mohr from the Law Office of Bonnie Mohr (co-wrote the chapter on child custody and visitation, authored chapters on Islamic Mahr and keeping legal fees down), Cari Rincker from Rincker Law, PLLC (the editor of the book, who also co-authored a few chapters and wrote the chapter on mediation), Lesley Friedland from FamilyKind (who wrote on community organizations), Paul Hymowitz, PhD (who wrote on parent coordination), Andrea Kent from Prime National Credit Repair (who wrote on credit repair) and Peter Gordon (who authored the chapter on Daily Money Managers).  Both Bonnie Mohr and Cari Rincker are members of the Committee

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